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Delete Internet Explorer Cookies

A cookie is a plain txt file that sits on your computer in a temporary folder that stores data about a browsing session. If you log into a website it generally sets a cookie to temporarily store your information so you don't have to log in every time you change a page.

A tracking cookie is a cookie that tracks your browsing behaviors. Marketers use this data to understand how users use their partner websites and optimize their networks for the average user that visits their networks.
Some people hate cookies, claim they're spyware, and always delete them. Personally, we're not exactly worried about them: unless you've shared your personal information, the tracking cookies are only going to report browsing habits which helps generate a bunch of marketing statistic.

You probably already know that Web sites can collect information about your Web browsing habits through the use of cookies. These cookies are small text files that Web sites can create on your computer to store information gathered about your visit to the site including, where you went, what you did, and any personal information you gave. Web sites may also allow other Web sites (their advertisers, for example) to put cookies, known as third-party cookies, on your computer.

The reason these cookies can create a long history of your Web browsing and job searching activities is because these kinds of cookies allow companies to track your movements across many different Web sites. This can be a real problem over time.

What do the marketing companies actually learn from tracking cookies? It may surprise you. If you have filled out forms online with your real name and contact information, or have clicked on banners then purchased an item, or if you have filled out sweepstakes or contests forms, then it is quite possible that major online advertisers know your name and have associated it with your Internet Protocol, or IP address and other information.

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