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Temporary Internet Files in Google Chrome

Unlike IE7 or Firefox, Google Chrome doesn't cache or keep temporarily Internet files in master cache folder that is either with or without sub-folders.
Google Chrome caches or keeps the temporarily Internet files in two locations (as far as I notice now), i.e.

1. the explicit Google Chrome cache folder that I said just now, 2. the Windows Vista "temp folder" in respective user's directory, i.e.

Here is how to view and find Google Chrome Temporary Files

The Google Chrome cache folder name is exactly called "cache" and it's not a hidden folder. Be default, the cache folder of Google Chrome is located under [User Profile]\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache.You can access this folder to view contents storedin cache.As you locating it in Windows Explorer, remember to replace with your Windows user name.

In brief, I found some Javascripts, web pages, pictures, etc, are kept in the explicit Google Chrome cache folder, but appears with a different file name and there is no file extension given to identify their file type. Most of the "files" in this explicit Google Chrome cache folder are of small file size. It seems to me that only temporarily Internet files lesser than 4MB will be kept here.

Google Chrome consistently caches the FLV (Flash Video) files in Windows temp folder as fla432A.tmp kind of file name (where the initial file name is fla, followed by alpha-numeric characters and ended with .tmp file extension.

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