Easy SystemCleaner
Cleanup your computer and internet activity!
Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to clean up my computer?
Windows stores unneeded traces of your personal information and Internet activities, including passwords, previously deleted data, surfing history, and more, all without you knowing it. These unnecessary traces compromise your computer's performance and speed.The longer you use your computer, and the more applications you install, the more disk space is consumed by temporary files. After a while, system performance begins to degrade, increasing the risk of data loss, application crashes, cross-linked drive references, random reboots, and a host of other annoying problems.

Is the data I erase with this program recoverable?
Easy SystemCleaner completely implements and exceeds the US Department of Defense DOD 5220.22-M and NSA clearing and sanitizing standard, to gives you confidence that once securely deleted your data is gone forever and can not be recovered by any means or even specialized tools.

During payment processing, is my personal information protected?
Our secured payment process is designed to maintain consumer trust and business confidence by using industry-leading standards in Personal Data Protection. Secure Payment Processing Services using world leading operators to manage transactions through a private and reliable engine. All your information remains private and secure. We guarantee the safety and protection of your personal information. Your online order is 100% SAFE and SECURE!

After payment processing, how do I access the application?
Once you have completed the purchasing process and your payment has been approved, you will instantly receive your license key (serial number) and have complete access to our product. You'll also be receiving a purchase confirmation E-mail containing your license key.

For how long is my license good for?
Our licenses never expire. You can use them as long as you want. Should you need to change computers, just register the license on your new computer using your existing license key.

Is Easy SystemCleaner compatible with 64-bit operating systems?
Absolutely! Easy SystemCleaner is both 32 & 64 Bit Compatible.

Does it work on Windows 7?
Yes. It works on XP, Vista, Windows 7 & earlier systems.

Is Easy SystemCleaner safe and secure to use?
Easy SystemCleaner was designed from the ground up to be safe and secure to use. It has multiple levels of checks in place to ensure that it cannot delete any useful information or documents you may still need. Rest assured that our software contains no Spyware or Adware.